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Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre European University
Subject-linked university entrance qualifications are not to be confused with subject-linked technical university entrance qualifications. Global thinking und studying, we are very pleased that our International Business Economics major has aroused your interest. German language skills, foreign students who did not acquire their university entrance certificate (high school diploma/Abitur) in Germany must, as an admission prerequisite, provide proof of German language proficiency either through successfully passing the. Alongside the fundamental knowledge of the discipline, we also impart the skills necessary for global thinking and action as well as interdisciplinary and intercultural responsibilities. More detailed information can be found on the German website for Betriebswirtschaftslehre which can be accessed here. Alongside German English is the instruction and testing language of the program.

As an international exchange student, you have many courses to choose from. Betriebswirtschaftslehre  in short BWL  is a large and powerful Bachelor's degree programme taught in German at HTW Berlin. Viadrina is a very familar university, which means that economic issues can be discussed in small groups. We additionally foster cooperation with numerous international universities and so offer the opportunity to acquire joint bachelor degrees. This international orientation is girdled through intensive language training, which accompanies a student throughout his/her studies. The European University Viadrina offers a German preparatory course. We are looking forward to your application. German Language Exam for University Admission of foreign student Applicants (DSH) or an equivalent test. Since proof of having a good command of English is an obligatory component of the program, all applicants should already command good English language knowledge at the beginning of the program.

The course offering including short course descriptions can be found here. However, please note that, as mentioned above, that you are limited to the course offering for exchange students. Applicants who are exempt from taking the DSH exam include those who: Are holders of a German language Abitur, Have successfully graduated from a German-language university, Possess the German language certificate of the culture minister conference (KMK. Around 1,500 students are currently enrolled in this study programme. Please note: A certificate of the required language knowledge must at the latest be presented at the time of enrollment (for the winter semester mid/end of August; for the winter semester mid/end of February) in the original. You will find more detailed information on the website of the. For prospective students from certain countries this means that before they can begin studying in Germany, either they must enroll for 1-2 years at a university in their own country, must enroll for one year at a preparatory college (Studienkolleg). The requirement for admission to study is basically a university entrance certificate (high school diploma, Abitur). Prospective students can also be granted admission if they have already completed secondary school, namely, high school, or if they have acquired an equivalent diploma and can prove that they completed vocational training for the intended field. Applicants who are not exempt are those who, for example, have taken the intermediate (Mittelstufe) examination at the Goethe-Institute.

The language certificate may not be older than three years. Come to, viadrina and enroll in a bachelor program with integrated foreign language training, integrated semester abroad at one of our partner universities, a special international environment, with students from more than 40 countries. Students from all over the world meet at the European University Viadrina to study together and to prepare for an international career. If you possess an international university entrance certificate, namely, a high school diploma, but are not a German citizen, you must apply through uni-assist. Please note that the course offering might vary from semester to semester.

As part of it, high school diplomas from individual countries are evaluated differently. Those who wish to successfully completely a degree in economics should additionally bring along: Interest in economic issues, Courage both to live and work independently and as part of an international team, Ambition and will, abstact and logical thinking and good mathematical knowledge. They should therefore, acquire a good command of German within their home countries and, if possible, take the. To learn more about the prospects that our majors can offer you, please look at the descriptions of our offered majors. In order to meet the deadline, we urgently recommend that you pursue the appropriate language certificate in a timely fashion. General university entrance qualifications entitle unlimited access to study, whereas subject-linked university entrance qualifications entitle access to only those discipline areas that are indicated in the certificate. Please arrange for the language certificate to be sent directly from the test institute to the admissions office.

Information on accepted certificates. University Admission Eligibility, the acquisition of a university entrance certificate (Abitur) is the basic requirement for admission to study. TestDaF (German as a Foreign Language) exam. Language knowledge in German will be required. Therefore this website will be updated on 1st March (for the Winter term application process) and 1st September(for the Summer term application process). German Academic Exchange Service (daad). In light of the cooperation of the three disciplines, Social and Cultural Sciences, Law and Business Administration and Economics, with one another and the collaboration of our faculty with numerous businesses, you will acquire here both methodical knowledge.

Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre, german language skills Foreign students who did not acquire their university entrance certificate (high school diploma/Abitur) in Germany must, as an admission prerequisite, provide proof of German language proficiency either through successfully passing the German Language Exam for University. Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre, module catalog (study structure) During the first three semesters, which function as orientation semesters, students complete the basic education modules and obtain, within scope of the foreign language training requirement, a certificate in the English module. Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre, university Admission Eligibility The acquisition of a university entrance certificate (Abitur) is the basic requirement for admission to study. Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre, global thinking und studying We are very pleased that our. International, business Economics major has aroused your interest. Er absolvierte eine Bankausbildung und studierte internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der European Business School mit Auslandssemestern an der Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in Argentinien und der Richard Ivey School of Business in Kanada.

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